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Depth Video serves a community of people interested in the work of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Jungian psychology, depth and archetypal psychology, mythology, and more. We sell videos from some of the most respected thinkers of our age — people like James Hillman, Marion Woodman, and Robert Johnson. Concepts include archetypes, dreams, the collective unconscious, synchronicity, spirituality, perfection, soul, astrology, psychotherapy, the Hero's Journey, feelings, depression, and, of course, love. Our home page clips change often in reflection of new DVDs, or just cause we've discovered another jewel from the archives.

News of Depth

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  • Paleolithic cave art shows no sun, moon or plant life, and hardly a human. It is, instead, all about magnificent animals. MORE 

 • Lolita at 50. is this a novel of love, or a an evasive testimony to perversion? James Kinkaid weighs in. MORE

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The Latest from Depth Video
Our latest video comes from the legendary Dr. James Hillman. On the heels of the publishing of the Jung Red Book, Hillman traveled to California to present a 2.5 hour seminar at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. His topic was the impulse behind all of the Red Book content, a technique developed by Jung called "Active Imagination." To have Hillman, the first director of the Jung Institute, lecturing on this topic and this time in history was truly captivating, and the DVD of this session has become our biggest seller ever.
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